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Title:Mercy Hill/Two Cities Team
Location:Dominican Republic
Team Start:06/24/2018
Team Type:Ministry
Status:Open to Mercy Hill & Two Cities members
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*For the protection of the children that we serve, it is highly recommended that you are current on all suggested immunizations.*
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* How do you anticipate this ministry will contribute to your spiritual, educational, and personal goals for growth?
* Do you have any physical/health limitations?
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If yes, please explain
* Are you willing to adapt to different/difficult living conditions? (i.e. different language, food, culture, and bathroom facitilies)
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* Are you willing to submerge yourself in the local culture as much as possible and to refrain from expressing (whether by word, implication or action) criticism of the local way of doing things?
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* What foreign language(s) do you speak?
* You need to raise all the necessary funds for your trip.  Are you willing to do this with some guidance?
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* Please share your Christian testimony (include how you became a believer, the major influences on your spiritual walk and how you have grown spiritually in the past year).
* What are your two or three strongest qualities?
* What are two or three traits that need to be strengthened or changed?
* What skills, talents, and abilities will you bring to the project? (i.e. experience with children, construction, a love for teenagers, talent in teaching)
* Emergency Contact #1 (please include name, address, phone number and relationship to them)
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* Code of Honor  

I understand that while participating on a VisionTrust Service Team I am a representative of VisionTrust and I am also representing Jesus Christ in my words and actions.  With this in mind I agree to the following statements:  

I will conduct myself in a manner that represents Jesus Christ's character.  
I will submit myself to the authority of my team leader and of VT's staff.  
I understand that if I do not conduct myself in an appropriate manner, VT has the right to send me home at my own expense.  
I understand that participating on a VT Service Team is a privilege and not a right, so I will take every opportunity to share God's love with others.  

I agree to VT's Code of Honor and state that the foregoing information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and understanding.  

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* VT Communication Policy:  I agree to not exchange any personal information with sponsor children, local staff and translators.  This includes physical address, phone number, email, Facebook and other social networking sites.  I will not directly contact parties stated above.  I understand that all communication must be sent through VT in the USA.

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